Everyday Kpop Fashion: SNSD’s “Chocolate Love”

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While browsing through holiday dresses online, I came across this off-white lace dress for $40 from YesStyle, which reminded me of the lace and ribbon-accented dresses worn by Girls’ Generation in their music video for “Chocolate Love” from back in 2009.

I’ve always loved the blend of lace outfits in this MV, particularly the black and white sets of dresses which always struck me as perfect for tea-time (aided by the use of folding fans in the choreography).

If you’re looking for an elegant look for the holidays, “Chocolate Love” offers a lot for inspiration.

We’ve already discussed the main dress, so let’s take a closer look at the other outfits.

chocolate love black

In certain solo shots as well as dance shots, the girls each wear a different black dress. I’m particularly drawn to Yoona’s dress, which has some beautiful beadwork on the skirt that adds some sparkle and flare to the overall look.

yoona dress enlarged


A dress that achieves a similar elegance is this dress from YesStyle which, with its pearl-lined collar, lace accent, and feminine frame reflects the fancy feel that surrounds the mv for “Chocolate Love” for about $28.

The white and black editions of this lace dress, mentioned earlier in the Juice=Juice “Hajimete wo Keiken-chuu” fashion post, are very similar to the white dress worn in the solo shots and secondary dance shots by Yuri, and cost $38 a piece.

yuri chocolate love

The other central look in this mv is the lace shorts and various lace tops worn in dance shots, some solo shots, and used in one of the promotional photos for the cellphone for which the song was written.



Lace-accented shorts like these paired with a lacy top like this or this from Forever21 create an easy-to-wear outfit for more casual use while keeping the classy, feminine vibe of the mv, and for right around $30 total.

Because many of the dresses have accents already, the girls of SNSD keep the accessories to a minimum in “Chocolate Love.”

For jewelry, I recommend maintaining the simple elegance of the outfits with pearl-stud or very small gold/silver earrings, non-flashy rings, and an understated watch or bracelet such as this $10 sparkle-accented piece from Charming Charlie. As someone that owns this bracelet, I can tell you the glitter is not the sort that will come off on your clothes or skin and the piece has just the right amount of shimmer to highlight, but not overwhelm, an outfit.

Flower hair-ties and sashes for the lace dresses also tie into this upscale ensemble for a low price.


Continue the theme of simple elegance with a black or metallic clutch like this $29 clutch from Charming Charlie, which is a simple black with a rhinestoned clasp.

For shoes, wear either black, tan, or cream/white heels or black or metallic ballet flats with the dresses. Pair heels or accented sandals with the top/short combination. Just remember to make sure your shoes as comfortable as they are cute. You can’t enjoy how fashionable you look if you’re dealing with pain and soreness in your feet.

And to complete the look, you can show off your sophistication with a lace folding fan.

seohyun fan

Which of these looks is your favorite? Why? Where and how would you wear it?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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snsd choco


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