Kpop Summer Playlist 2015


Kpop Summer 2015 Playlist!-2

As we near the end of July, the back-to-school commercials begin and fall fashions start filling the shelves of stores. But summer isn’t over yet! There have been a lot of big name comebacks lately from Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, and more. Here are my picks for the best Kpop summer jams of 2015:

Retro Makes a Return 


The playlist kicks off with the 80’s inspired sounds of KARA’s “Cupid.” This was my first addiction of the summer. The combination of European pop elements with classic Kpop catchiness creates a song that will have you singing along before you know it. The laid-back, retro theme continues with “Ah Ah” by Teen Top.

Infectious Recent Releases 



We then transition to another underrated single by 9Muses with “Hurt Locker,” which starts back-to-back plays of some of the most satisfying songs of the summer. Following “Hurt Locker” is EXO’s hit “Love Me Right.” The chill instrumentation and mix of polished vocals, fitting raps, and EXO’s fantastic choreography make this a definite favorite. Next is AOA’s “Heart Attack,” my current drug of choice. They may quite possibly be the world’s worst lacrosse players, but the ladies of AOA know how to deliver an infectious tune. Sistar and BigBang will also have you up and moving with the fantastically fun “Shake It” and “Sober.”

Poolside Picks 


Red Velvet’s “Ice Cream Cake” is a March release, but with its combination of creepy cuteness and colorful shots, this song about hot weather treats and crushes is great for a poolside listen. After this is the smooth and effortlessly addictive “Call Me Baby” by EXO.

If you enjoy brass in a sexy pop tune, you’ll enjoy Miss A’s “Only You.” The brass sounds continue with a bit more sass in Bestie’s “Excuse Me.” BTS then kick the energy up another notch in “Dope.”

Girl’s Day’s latest release “Ring My Bell” has a memorable melody great for cruising in the car or tanning by the pool.

From the Cube 


Cube Entertainment’s latest “super rookies” CLC are funky and fresh in their debut track “Pepe.” Their newest promoted track “Like” continues this funky flavor, but trades the independent attitude of “Pepe” for aegyo and candy-colors. Following this are fellow Cube idol group Beast’s two newest songs “YeY,” a break up song that sounds more like a party anthem, and the mellow “Gotta Go to Work.”

More from SMTown (And Some Other Jams) 

bg superjunior_devil1

You might be wondering where SNSD’s newest single “Party” is on this list. Unpopular opinion time. While the song will undoubtedly burrow its way into your brain, “Party” reminds me a bit too much of the Disney Channel songs popular in my middle school years. However, I absolutely love the late 90’s/early 2000’s sound of “Party”‘s coupling track “Check.” With the refrain “Lipstick? Check. High heels? Check. Hairstyle? Check,” this song is my official theme song when preparing for a night out.

After this comes another SM super group. Super Junior’s newest single “Devil” is another smooth and sexy song. It’s simplistic, but an enjoyable listen all the same and definitely replay-worthy.

Another easy listen is rookie group Playback’s self-titled debut song. Then comes “Um Oh Ah Yeah” in which the jazzy, soulful quartet of MAMAMOO show their sweeter side.

Last but not least is SHINee’s “View.” Like a cool breeze on a sunny day, “View” is the perfect combination of a chill melody and a hook that will leave you craving more.

More to come! 

Not to worry! The summer’s not over yet. Stay tuned for Wonder Girls’ comeback, the final part of BigBang’s “M.A.D.E” promotions, and more. What’s your favorite song of the summer so far? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!


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