Everyday Kpop Fashion: SNSD “Lion Heart” and “You Think” Inspired Looks

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Lion Heart You Think Blog Image

As any veteran Kpop fan knows, Girls’ Generation is one of the most successful girl groups in the industry. The 8 members of SNSD made a comeback earlier this month with 2 new music videos, both featuring some awesome outfits.

Lion Heart

“Lion Heart” is a laid-back, retro inspired number with an equally retro-tastic wardrobe featured in both the MV and on the album cover. Below are two inspired by this throwback style.

The first set features a late 1950’s/early 60’s inspired green dress from Modcloth with white maryjane heels and class red lipstick.

Lion Heart Look one

While the album cover shows the girls in the ladylike fashions reminiscent of The Astronaut Wives Club, much of the music video’s fashion draws inspiration from the casual wear of the late 1960’s. This second look is directly based on the simple blue cutoff top and red flare pants worn by SNSD member Sooyoung in some of the MV’s dance shots. Complete the looks with white period pumps and a matching headscarf in the color of your choice.

Sooyoung's Lion Heart Outfit

You Think

The other promoted track off the album is “You Think” a modern pop track full of attitude and style. SNSD member Yuri wears a black sweater studded with rhinestones and simple black shorts. Add arrowed earrings and a rhinestone necklace for added sparkle.

Yuri You Think You Think Look

Which is your favorite look? Share your thoughts in the comments, follow for future fashion updates, music reviews and more, and thanks for reading!


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