CBS’ Supergirl Fails to Impress (Spoiler-Free Review)


CBS Supergirl

Supergirl does not make a good first, second, or third impression. Three episodes in to season one, I can say I’m ready to tune out for the remainder of the season. CBS’ Supergirl is like Smallville meets Men in Black mixed with The Devil Wears Prada but with all the bad acting and corniness of the 1970’s Wonder Woman live action show. Allow me to explain.

This Isn’t HIS Story

The show takes only a few seconds to start irritating its viewers by reminding you this is the story of Supergirl, NOT Superman. And you better not forget for even one minute. Don’t worry. You won’t. The show will faithfully remind you in every ounce of dialog that its main character is a girl whose boss is a girl, sister is a girl, sidekicks are boys and whose cousin is not a girl and is thus not welcome here.

Supergirl GEF


Look, I get it. Girl power is great. I’m a girl. But in an attempt to take a feminist tone, Supergirl acts like its audience is comprised strictly of misogynistic old farts from the 1890’s. Yes, Supergirl is the only female-centric live action superhero show based on DC Comics right now. Too bad it’s just not that great.

Let’s Hunt Alien Criminals

In case the glowing eyes, flying, and other powers didn’t make it clear, Kara Zor-El (AKA Kara Danvers) is a Kryptonian (like that OTHER hero who isn’t a girl who shall not be named, nor appear outside of shadows and blurred images because the show can’t get the rights to him). And what is Supergirl’s mission this season? To help her adoptive sister and sis’ secret agent friends capture runaway criminal extraterrestrials. Sound familiar?

Men In Black GIF

Maybe someone can erase my memory so I can forget these first 3 episodes?

Oh yeah. And Kara also tries to impress her witchy boss and maybe catch the eye of the attractive new addition to the newspaper, James Olsen (the best friend of that guy we will not name).

OK. Can't blame Kara here.

OK. Can’t blame Kara here.

On the Bright Side…

It’s season one. And early in the first season at that. The show can improve, but it needs to do so by leaps and bounds. Kara says she doesn’t want to be known as “Superman’s cousin” yet the show drops the famous hero’s name every few minutes. The acting and storylines, while not unbearable, resemble the standard hero-saves-the-day plots of every popular children’s television show. If it weren’t for its evening time slot on a major network, I would think Supergirl targets the same audience as Power Rangers. Like Power Rangers, Supergirl’s cheesy action scenes, predictable villains, lackluster visuals, less-than-stellar acting and story are perfectly enjoyable for children, but only a handful of dedicated fans are likely to follow it beyond elementary school.

Power Rangers

For myself, Supergirl overlaps with Jane the Virgin and is eating up valuable space on my DVR. I’ll give it another go if and when it learns to better balance action, humor, drama, and character development. If you want a good comic book-based show centered on a tough, cool, inspiring lady, I recommend Agent Carter which returns for its second season this winter on ABC.

What are your thoughts on Supergirl so far? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading.


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