#BookwormFashion: Eadlyn Inspired Look (The Selection Series by Kiera Cass)

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Eadlyn Dress The Heir The Crown

One thing I’ve found I love to do the last few years: bring a look from a story to life. It lets me combine my secret wish to be a fashion consultant/personal stylist with my love of reading, and Polyvore lets me do it without actually spending a dime.

While I typically aim to create everyday looks, Princess Eadlyn, protagonist of The Heir and The Crown by Kiera Cass wears only the finest. This modern ballgown by Modcloth.com combines the shape and detail of the dress from The Heir with the color of gown from The Crown. Accessorize with an embellished sash or belt and some dressy heels. And no princess would dare be caught on camera without her tiara! Find all the items used in this set and shop the look on Polyvore.

And if you enjoy romance, dystopia, The Bachelor(ette) crossed with Hunger Games’ media circus crossed with The Princess Diaries (books and films), then be sure to check out The Selection series by Kiera Cass. See book reviews, what I’m reading, and more on Goodreads.com.

The Heir (The Selection, #4)The Heir by Kiera Cass
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While I enjoyed the first 3 books in this series, I feel The Heir is the best of the 4 I’ve read so far. Eadlyn is far from perfect. She’s admittedly self-centered, unaware, and sometimes just plain bratty, but for all that I still found her to be an incredibly likable character, even more so than her mother. Eadlyn is flawed, but that makes her relatable. She’s spirited, stubborn, and under her ‘ice princess’ demeanor, a caring young woman just trying to find her way in the world.

There are no rebel attacks, secret spies, or hidden libraries like in the first 3 books, but in many ways that makes Eadlyn’s story that much more engaging. I listened to the audiobook by Brittany Pressley, who I thought did a fantastic job of capturing Eadlyn’s voice in all forms: spoiled teenager, older sister, daughter, rising queen, romantic interest, and friend. Pressley also did a great job with voicing the other characters, giving each one their own unique qualities and tones.

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