Visiting Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival 2014 and Parthenon

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In some ways, the Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival is a small-scale successor to the TN Centennial and International Exposition that created the park and Parthenon over 100 years ago.

Last Saturday Qing Qing and I spent the day at Nashville’s Centennial Park where the annual Cultural Festival is held. We also took the opportunity to visit the Parthenon for free.


My first trip to Los Angeles, California

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Hello, everyone! For today’s post I’ll be recapping my trip to Los Angeles, CA. I left Nashville for my first trip to California last Thursday and came back Monday night. Here are some pictures and descriptions of what I did while in LA.



Thursday night we arrived in LA just as the sun was setting at around 8:30 PST. Seeing the sunset from the air was fantastic and the approaching darkness gave us our first glimpse at the city as we landed at LAX.

Off to LA and Instagram project

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I won’t be doing my usual foreign culture post today as I am preparing to leave for Los Angeles, California tonight. This will be my first trip to the west coast and I’m really excited for it. I also thought this trip would be a good opportunity to finally use the Instagram app I installed on my phone a few weeks ago. I’ll be posting pictures from the trip all weekend, so if you’d like to follow that and future Instagram activity from me, you can follow me at:

I’ll still be updating tomorrow with a fashion post and Monday with a music review as the posts are mostly written already. Till then, bon voyage!

Music, culture, and environmentalism part 2: Satoumi movement and Hello! Project

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Since it’s summer and many of us have or will be heading to the ocean, I thought today would be a great time to discuss Japan’s satoumi movement which combines environmentalism, traditional coastal culture, and popular culture in Japan.

I’ve talked on a previous Foreign Culture post about Hello! Project’s involvement in the Japanese environmental movement known as “satoyama.” The Satoumi Movement is satoyama’s oceanic counterpart.

Fun with Foreign Language: Learning Japanese with Jpop #2

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Today’s Fun with Foreign Language is another Japanese lesson. Here are a handful of words most Jpop listeners are sure to pick up on after awhile due their frequent appearance in Japanese pop song lyrics. Let’s learn some vocabulary while listening to the following songs from Hello! Project.

Fun with Foreign Language: French grocery list

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On today’s Fun with Foreign Language post I’m introducing another way to incorporate a second language into your everyday routine by sharing how I put my grocery list in French. This can work with any language and can be used for to-do lists, reminders, or anything of that sort. Making such lists enables you to learn new vocabulary and make use of that which you already know, plus it gets you thinking, writing, and translating your second language on a daily or weekly basis.

Exploring Nashville: The Frist Center for the Visual Arts

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The Frist Center for the Visual Arts

I’m going to be doing something a little different from my usual Thursday posts, which tend to focus on foreign and international related topics. Following up on Monday and Tuesday’s posts on ABC’s Nashville, I want to share a piece of real Nashville culture that’s near and dear to my heart: the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.

Culture Corner: The Colors of Kpop, a look at the visual aspect of Korea’s pop music (Boy Group Edition)

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On last week’s Culture Corner, I talked about the use of color in Kpop fashion and music videos for girl groups. This week we take a look at the men of the Korean pop music scene by looking how the images of boy groups have morphed from when I started listening to Kpop in 2008 till now.

Culture Corner: The Colors of Kpop, a look at the visual aspect of Korea’s pop music (Girl Group Edition)

Language, Culture, and Travel


On today’s Culture Corner we take a closer look at the use of vibrant color in Korean pop fashion and marketing, as well as discuss some of the general aspects and the importance of visuals in the Kpop industry. This week I’ll talk specifically about girl groups and what I’ve witnessed in how images and trends have shifted, evolved, and in some ways remained static in the last 6 years I’ve been a Kpop fan.