CBS’ Supergirl Fails to Impress (Spoiler-Free Review)


CBS Supergirl

Supergirl does not make a good first, second, or third impression. Three episodes in to season one, I can say I’m ready to tune out for the remainder of the season. CBS’ Supergirl is like Smallville meets Men in Black mixed with The Devil Wears Prada but with all the bad acting and corniness of the 1970’s Wonder Woman live action show. Allow me to explain.


Everyday Kpop Fashion: SNSD “Lion Heart” and “You Think” Inspired Looks

Fashion & Design

Lion Heart You Think Blog Image

As any veteran Kpop fan knows, Girls’ Generation is one of the most successful girl groups in the industry. The 8 members of SNSD made a comeback earlier this month with 2 new music videos, both featuring some awesome outfits.

Thoughts on DC Comics’ Convergence Special (Contains Spoilers)

Books/Graphic Novels

Thoughts on DC Comics' Convergence

For the last 8 weeks, many of DC Comics’ main titles pressed the pause button for a 2 month special called Convergence. When Brainiac pits cities from various timelines against each other in a battle to the death, heroes must band together with others from across the Multiverse or face the destruction of their universe – or every universe!

Catching up on Comics: Darth Vader #1-3 (Spoiler-Free Review)

Books/Graphic Novels

Darth Vader #3

Between traveling to San Diego and L.A. a few weeks back, work, and editing my first novel, I’m afraid my blog has suffered a bit of neglect the last few weeks. Between the stack of comics I armed myself with in L.A. for the flight back and the new releases of the last few weeks, as well as my library loans, I’ve been consuming a ton of comic books that I can’t wait to review. So I’ll be playing catch-up with those reviews throughout this week, starting with one of the best series out right now: Star Wars, Darth Vader. 

A review of Zelda- Symphony of the Goddesses at the Nashville Schermerhorn


zelda concert

Last Thursday my best friend and I attended the second night of the new Zelda-Symphony of the Goddesses concert at the Nashville Schermerhorn. Based on last year’s Final Fantasy performance at the Symphony Center, I expected a big crowd. I didn’t expect almost every seat, including the pricey box seats, to be full, especially since another performance of the show had taken place the night before.

We were delighted with the entire show. I’ve included many videos of good quality from Youtube of the songs (some official recordings off OSTs, others live concert recordings) so that you can get an idea of the selection and progression of the music. Clips from the video games accompanied the music on the big screen pictured above and television for those sitting in the boxes.

1st Podcast: Sailor Moon Crystal Season One Review


Season 1 Review

Head’s up! The following review contains spoilers for Sailor Moon Crystal episodes 1-13. 

Following up on my 2015 New Year resolution to incorporate different media in the blog, today I recorded my first podcast. The Chic Geek Speaks Podcast winter lineup includes the following shows: