CBS’ Supergirl Fails to Impress (Spoiler-Free Review)


CBS Supergirl

Supergirl does not make a good first, second, or third impression. Three episodes in to season one, I can say I’m ready to tune out for the remainder of the season. CBS’ Supergirl is like Smallville meets Men in Black mixed with The Devil Wears Prada but with all the bad acting and corniness of the 1970’s Wonder Woman live action show. Allow me to explain.


Thoughts on DC Comics’ Convergence Special (Contains Spoilers)

Books/Graphic Novels

Thoughts on DC Comics' Convergence

For the last 8 weeks, many of DC Comics’ main titles pressed the pause button for a 2 month special called Convergence. When Brainiac pits cities from various timelines against each other in a battle to the death, heroes must band together with others from across the Multiverse or face the destruction of their universe – or every universe!

Gotham Season 1: Good First Season, Potential for Greatness


Gotham season one review

The following review contains spoilers for Fox’s Gotham Season One. 

Fox’s Gotham wrapped up it’s first season last week with the airing of episode 22 “All Happy Families Are Alike.” The season has showcased some of the incredible talent of the show’s cast, particularly among the younger actors. While many episodes were solid and certain scenes outstanding, there are some lackluster and underwhelming elements of the first season. Let’s take a closer look at all Gotham has to offer so far.

Fall 2014 news and updates: Korra, Arrow, the Flash, Gotham

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tv tuesday

I know since I did a TV Tuesday post last week I’m supposed to do a movie review this week, but there’s been so much news this week regarding the shows I plan to watch this fall that if I wait too long to discuss them there will be way too much to cover.

Let’s start with talking about what I’m watching this fall: 

Midweek movie review: Son of Batman



The following is spoiler-free review of the animated movie Son of Batman. 

Last week I took a 4 hour flight from Nashville to Los Angeles, a trip I’ll be talking more about in tomorrow’s post. To kill some time, I rented a movie I’ve been meaning to watch for awhile and downloaded it on my iPad. The first hour and a half of my flight was spent watching Son of Batman from the DC Universe Original Animated Movies. 

Honest review of Arrow Season 1, part 1 (ep. 1-13)




After watching Young Justice, I decided to further explore TV adaptations of the DC Multiverse and, on the recommendations of a friend and Netflix, started watching season 1 of Arrow. I’d heard nothing but good things about Arrow, and being unfamiliar with the Green Arrow comic books, I came to the show with a pretty open mind.

Let me tell you, after watching the first 10 episodes, I thought my friend who recommended the series must really, truly harbor some deep hatred for me. Episodes 1-2 were interesting enough and I could overlook the flaws because most shows have a rocky start. Episodes 3-10 were pure torture to watch and exhibit some of the most lifeless acting I have ever seen. I can’t count how many times I almost gave up on the series altogether. Seriously, skip these episodes. Read the summaries on Wikipedia. That is about 360 minutes of my life I will never get back.

The magic number here is 11 as that is the first episode I watched that didn’t feel like a chore to get through. Episode 12 actually kept my attention through all 45 minutes of the episode and episode 13 marks the first time I actually looked forward to watching the rest of the series. So what changed? Let’s take a look at the highs and lows of the first half of season 1.