Kpop Summer Playlist 2015


Kpop Summer 2015 Playlist!-2

As we near the end of July, the back-to-school commercials begin and fall fashions start filling the shelves of stores. But summer isn’t over yet! There have been a lot of big name comebacks lately from Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, and more. Here are my picks for the best Kpop summer jams of 2015:


Exo releases addictive new title track and 2nd mini album Overdose

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The 12-member boy group EXO from SM Entertainment return with their 2nd mini album Overdose (上瘾 / 중독). As they have done since their debut, the group splits into two 6-member halves called EXO-K and EXO- M who promote the same songs in Korean and Mandarin respectively.

Everyday Kpop Fashion: Exo’s “Growl” Inspired Look

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I’m not a big enough fan of Exo that I can call myself an Exotic, but I did upgrade from a casual listener to someone anticipating their upcoming “Overdose” comeback when I saw the MV for “Growl.”

I was a little late to the game in discovering “Growl” as I sort of tuned out from SM artists through much of 2013 after noticing the company had taken a liking to noisy, eclectic, mashup sounds in “Wolf” and “I Got a Boy” that just make me want to cover my ears and scream aren’t to my taste.

But “Growl” is a smooth, refreshing track. The MV is essentially a dance shot (SM really busted the budget on this one. Just look at all those colors and effects), but it shows off the boys’ cool choreography and good looks.

Besides being impressed with Exo’s moves, I really liked their combination of casual and classy with their dress shirts, ties, and blazers combined with jeans and sneakers. For me, this sort of look is smart in a sort of effortless way and very attractive. Click the picture up top for a full breakdown of items shown on Polyvore. You can also check out the full Everyday Kpop Collection  on Polyvore and all the items and accessories shown in every fashion post here on the blog on the Pinterest board. 

Girls can grab a similar gentlemanly look by checking out my Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Mr.” inspired look. 

What do you think of the look from Exo’s “Growl”? Share your thoughts and let me know what looks you want to see by leaving a comment. As always, thanks for reading!