#BookwormFashion: Eadlyn Inspired Look (The Selection Series by Kiera Cass)

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Eadlyn Dress The Heir The Crown

One thing I’ve found I love to do the last few years: bring a look from a story to life. It lets me combine my secret wish to be a fashion consultant/personal stylist with my love of reading, and Polyvore lets me do it without actually spending a dime.

While I typically aim to create everyday looks, Princess Eadlyn, protagonist of The Heir and The Crown by Kiera Cass wears only the finest. This modern ballgown by Modcloth.com combines the shape and detail of the dress from The Heir with the color of gown from The Crown. Accessorize with an embellished sash or belt and some dressy heels. And no princess would dare be caught on camera without her tiara! Find all the items used in this set and shop the look on Polyvore.


Everyday Kpop Fashion: SNSD “Lion Heart” and “You Think” Inspired Looks

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Lion Heart You Think Blog Image

As any veteran Kpop fan knows, Girls’ Generation is one of the most successful girl groups in the industry. The 8 members of SNSD made a comeback earlier this month with 2 new music videos, both featuring some awesome outfits.

Fashion Friday: Agent Carter Inspired Look

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Agent Carter Inspired Look

It’s been awhile since my last Fashion Friday post. This week I’ve got put together a fun, retro look loosely based on the outfits of Peggy Carter from Marvel’s Captain America and the ABC show Agent Carter. The dress is a bit frillier than Peggy usually sports, but is in keeping with the red, white, and blue theme featured in the show’s first episode. Lipstick that (literally) will knock out your date is a must with these cute red mary janes. Make sure your shoes are comfortable enough to also track down bad guys and kick butt.

What do you think of this look? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading.

Korra Series Finale Inspired Look

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Korra Finale DressKorra Series Finale Inspired Look

And the inspiration from the killer outfits featured in the wedding in the series’ finale of The Legend of Korra continues. Korra’s dress uses what is known as a cut-out shoulder or “cold shoulder” design which draws attention to the sleeves. Here are three options for budgets both high and low. Glamorize an otherwise casual ensemble with beautiful shell-based jewelry like that used in the Water Tribe. A dream catcher necklace captures the shape and style of Korra’s own accessory to complete the look.

Find the items featured in this set here. For more ATLA and LOK inspired looks check out the Three Nations/Elements inspired outfits as well as Suyin and Lin Beifong’s series’ finale looks.

Lin and Suyin Beifong Inspired Looks

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Lin's Look Suyin's Look

It’s been two weeks since The Legend of Korra wrapped up and I am still suffering withdrawals. I loved the outfits from the wedding in the finale, so I decided to do the first Everyday Fantasy Fashion post for the first time in awhile with Suyin and Lin Beifong inspired looks.

Not only are these two ladies amazing metal and earth benders. Suyin is very artistic which shows in her personalized metal accessories. Even Lin, Republic City’s Chief of Police, knows how to clean up nicely. You can find the items used in these sets on the original Polyvore pages. Check out Suyin’s look here and Lin’s here.

You can find more Avatar: The Last Airbender and Korra inspired looks (and lots of other fun fashion) on my Pinterest board.

Which look is your favorite? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading.

Film & Fashion: Star Wars Padme Inspired Look 1

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aa18d02536f95064d85a982a172aa284With the Star Wars Episode 7 trailer having been released today, I thought it was as good a time as any to share this fall/winter Padmé Amidala inspired look I put together in Polyvore.

I was introduced to Star Wars at a very young age and a good part of my childhood was spent watching the original trilogy on VHS, then DVD, and the new trilogy in theaters (then VHS, then DVD). When I was young, I thought Padmé was one of the coolest sci-fi females around and I still think she’s pretty cool. Take an afternoon of boredom combined with my childhood love of dress up, access to the internet, and this is the result.

Kiki’s Delivery Service Inspired Look

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It’s been awhile since I did a Fashion Friday post, but with Halloween coming up I wanted to share some things I’ve been playing around with in Polyvore. First up, an Everyday Anime outfit inspired by Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service. 

If you’ve never seen it, this movie is absolutely precious. I’ve seen Kiki-inspired Halloween and cosplay outfits before, but as some of you know, I like to incorporate elements of my favorite music, shows, and books into my everyday wardrobe. You can easily do this with Kiki’s outfit by wearing a purple or black dress (the coloring varies depending on if you watch an older or newer version of the film with crisper animation). A messenger bag is a must along with ballet flats and Kiki’s signature big red bow.

To go from an everyday look to a costume, bring along Kiki’s cat companion Jiji. Don’t forget your radio. And what’s a witch without her broom?

You can read my review of Kiki’s Delivery Service here and discover more fashion here on the blog. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Fashion Fridays: 60 Second Style Autumn Look

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This grab-and-go outfit includes basic, affordable wardrobe stables such as jeans, a tan leather jacket, and matching booties. Silver and gold hammered earrings provide a versatile, but stylish accessory. Add an autumn pop of color with plum accessories and makeup.

All items in this set cost less that $63 a piece and come from AE, Target, and other easy-to-find places. You can click the picture and see each of the individual items used and where to purchase them on the Polyvore page.

Don’t forget to like this post if you like the look and follow the blog for future Fashion Fridays, posted each week. Let me know what you’re wearing this fall in the comments and thanks for reading!

Everyday Bookworm Fashion: Katniss Everdeen Inspired Look #1

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For this Fashion Friday, I decided it’s been awhile since I did an Everyday Bookworm post so I’m sharing a Hunger Games inspired look I made in Polyvore awhile ago.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the new trailers for Mockingjay Part 1 that have been coming out over the course of the last month. Just in case you need a refresher, here are the official trailers.

Are you looking forward to the new movie this fall? What’s your favorite Katniss look? Let me know in the comments. Till next time, thanks for reading and have a happy Friday, fellow bookworms!