4 Female Quartets Bringing the Heat this June

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This month has delivered some fantastic comebacks by K-pop girl groups. If you’re looking for a summer jam, check out these four new releases by these four-member groups! 


Kpop Summer Playlist 2015


Kpop Summer 2015 Playlist!-2

As we near the end of July, the back-to-school commercials begin and fall fashions start filling the shelves of stores. But summer isn’t over yet! There have been a lot of big name comebacks lately from Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, and more. Here are my picks for the best Kpop summer jams of 2015:

Favorite Kpop Rookies and Debuts of 2014: Girl Group Edition


Kpop Girl Groups 2014

December is here. For Kpop fans that means end-of-year award shows, holiday special stages, and megamixes are just around the corner. As we count down to the last days of 2014, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Kpop debuts, songs, comebacks, and collaborations of the year. Today we look at some of the best rookie girl groups of the year. 

Culture Corner: The Colors of Kpop, a look at the visual aspect of Korea’s pop music (Boy Group Edition)

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On last week’s Culture Corner, I talked about the use of color in Kpop fashion and music videos for girl groups. This week we take a look at the men of the Korean pop music scene by looking how the images of boy groups have morphed from when I started listening to Kpop in 2008 till now.

15& deliver a delightful first album with Sugar

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The JYP duo 15& (comprised of vocalists Baek Ye-rin and Park Ji-min) released their first full album Sugar last week. The new album features an upbeat title track, sweet and mellow mid-tempo numbers, and a few past promoted tracks and singles. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Sugar a pretty great collection from this Kpop pair.

Akdong Musician ring in the spring with debut album Play

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The talented siblings of Akdong Musician, known throughout South Korea as the winners of K-pop Star‘s second season, made their official debut under YG Entertainment today with their first full album Play. 

Brother Lee Chan-hyuk and his younger sister Lee Soo-hyun display their talent and versatility by treating listeners to refreshing songs covering subjects and sounds ranging from happy, spring-time love in “200%” to the sorrowful, reflective mood of “Melted.”

It’s hard to believe these two are just teenagers. Their ability to write, compose, produce, harmonize, sing, and rap rivals the skill set of well-established artists.

How rookies and underrated groups are keeping Kpop fresh

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It pains me to say it, but over the last year I’ve become increasingly disenchanted with Kpop, which has been my main music staple for 6 years.

Maybe it’s because I’m an older Kpop fan than some that I recognize the many repeated sounds and patterns evident in even established groups’ comebacks. The fact that Brave Brothers and other composers of Kpop hits continue to work without being tied to any particular company means that over the years, boy groups and girl groups from big and small companies alike have come to have similar sounding songs and concepts.

7 Awesome Kpop Girl Power Songs

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In honor of this being International Women’s Day, the following are 7 Kpop songs I find motivate me as a female listener.

“So Cool” by Sistar

This song describes a girl that admits that while she was at first upset to the point of tears by her boyfriend’s lack of interest, she has since moved on proclaiming “I feel so cool…There’s no other girl like me.”

This upbeat party tune should spark confidence in all ladies to “rock it” solo. In Hyorin’s words, “I’d rather be a fabulous single than be miserably paired with you.”

“The Boys” Korean Version by SNSD

SNSD’s English name ‘Girls’ Generation’ already proclaims an era of girl power. Despite the name of this song, “The Boys” Korean version

Everyday Kpop Fashion: 2NE1’s “All or Nothing” Inspired Look

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Kpop girl group 2ne1 recently announced the name of their 2014 world tour and album to be “All or Nothing.” Posters promoting the tour/album show Dara, Minzy, CL, and Bom decked out in out-of-this-world outfits with a Star-Wars-inspired set and accessories, lightsabers and all.

2ne1 have been rocking space fashion since their debut in August 2009 with the Space Version MV of their song “Fire.”


The girls wore similarly colorful and creative outfits in their 2010 hit “Can’t Nobody.”


The girls have gone for a sleeker, but no less eye-catching look for All or Nothing. Rather than her signature “palm tree” hair from Lollipop and Fire or the “Vegeta-hair” from I Am the Best, Dara’s hair is fashioned into a combination bun & braid with the plaited hair twisted at the top then tucked neatly to one side. Having switched from blonde back to her natural black hair color, Dara’s hair is understated and elegant allowing her colorful outfit to shine.

Dara’s makeup makes a great transition from her pretty and quiet hairstyle to her bold, fire-y clothes by using a unique, dotted pattern on the eyes with black and jade or mint green eyeshadow complimented by a shimmery purple eyeliner, black mascara, and an orange-pink lipgloss.


Minzy’s electric blue and silver nails match her striking hair color and icy-blue lashes in this promotional picture.

The easiest look to mimic is the galaxy patterned dress worn by CL. A blue cloak over an outer-space print paired with silver boots or sandals creates a retro-but-futuristic flare, something with a bit of a Jetson’s vibe.


Wearing a lightsaber necklace like shown in the Polyvore collection at the top of the article (Etsy, $8) incorporates the sci-fi theme of All or Nothing for an everyday look. Fingerless gloves and a choker add some attitude to the ensemble and complete this 2ne1-inspired outfit.

Which look is your favorite? What are you most looking forward to with All or Nothing? The album? The music videos? The tour? What sort of sound are you hoping to hear this year from 2ne1? Let me know by leaving a comment, follow me on Polyvore and Pinterest for more fashion updates, and thanks for reading!