Midweek Movie Review: The Giver (2014)



After reading The Giver Quartet, I decided to watch the 2014 film adaptation. The movie has received mixed reviews and I agree with the average rating of 6.5/10 (according to Amazon) (3.5/5 on Rotten Tomatoes). It’s a middle-of-the-road score for a movie that is neither horrible, nor especially impressive or memorable.


Thoughts on DC Comics’ Convergence Special (Contains Spoilers)

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Thoughts on DC Comics' Convergence

For the last 8 weeks, many of DC Comics’ main titles pressed the pause button for a 2 month special called Convergence. When Brainiac pits cities from various timelines against each other in a battle to the death, heroes must band together with others from across the Multiverse or face the destruction of their universe – or every universe!

Agent Carter Episode 3 is an underwhelming follow-up to a promising premiere

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Agent Carter 3 review

The following review contains spoilers for Agent Carter episodes 1-3. 

After last week’s awesome start to the series, episode three, titled “Time and Tide,” felt at parts like a waste of time. It was still an episode worth watching, but was very underwhelming compared to such a promising premiere. 

What this Nashville native thinks of ABC’s Nashville



Yesterday I reviewed some of my favorite songs from the second season of ABC’s hit show Nashville. Today, I want to share with you my thoughts on the show so far through my perspective as a Nashville native. (The following article does contain minor spoilers for Season 1. Clips with spoilers for Season 2 are labeled). 

Foxes’ debut album Glorious lives up to its name

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Last week UK singer Foxes (Louisa Rose Allen) released her debut album Glorious. Having discovered Foxes earlier this year and loving both her songs and voice, I preordered an autographed hard copy of the deluxe version album as I rightly suspected it wouldn’t be available on the U.S. iTunes (who currently only has a few of her songs and music videos available). My CD arrived last week, but I didn’t get the chance to sit down and listen to the full album start to finish until today. As my copy is the deluxe album, which contains a few more songs than the regular, I will be doing a review of that version, discussing each of the 16 tracks.

Honest review of Arrow Season 1, part 1 (ep. 1-13)




After watching Young Justice, I decided to further explore TV adaptations of the DC Multiverse and, on the recommendations of a friend and Netflix, started watching season 1 of Arrow. I’d heard nothing but good things about Arrow, and being unfamiliar with the Green Arrow comic books, I came to the show with a pretty open mind.

Let me tell you, after watching the first 10 episodes, I thought my friend who recommended the series must really, truly harbor some deep hatred for me. Episodes 1-2 were interesting enough and I could overlook the flaws because most shows have a rocky start. Episodes 3-10 were pure torture to watch and exhibit some of the most lifeless acting I have ever seen. I can’t count how many times I almost gave up on the series altogether. Seriously, skip these episodes. Read the summaries on Wikipedia. That is about 360 minutes of my life I will never get back.

The magic number here is 11 as that is the first episode I watched that didn’t feel like a chore to get through. Episode 12 actually kept my attention through all 45 minutes of the episode and episode 13 marks the first time I actually looked forward to watching the rest of the series. So what changed? Let’s take a look at the highs and lows of the first half of season 1.

Thrill of the hunt: e-books vs bookstore

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With Kindles, Nooks, and other e-books dominating the market, more and more bookstores are closing their doors for good. I own a Kindle and an iPad and understand the ease and convenience of downloading e-books. My closet shelves thank me for no longer forcing new books on them monthly (namely because there is so little room left to do so), and I fully appreciate the ability to purchase an entire series with the click of button (because when I finish a good book, I want the sequel and I want it NOW). I love that I can start reading a book on my Kindle, continue on my computer or tablet, and finish on my phone, but electronic media simply can’t emulate the experience of buying a book from the bookstore. The smell of coffee and crisp pages and fresh ink, the excitement of uncovering a story you never thought to read (and would never have found through google), the thrill of hunting the shelves for that book you’ve been craving: these are things that you cannot find anywhere but a bookstore. No click of the mouse can replace the feeling of grabbing a last copy and clutching it to your chest like a treasure someone might steal. The people that work on the Amazon website will never know your name or smile at you when you go to check out. You might connect virtually to others who review something you’ve read, but the internet can’t offer the immediate bond that sparks between two people spotted reading the same book or the animated conversation that ensues. And as to the environmental argument against printed books, I feel no shame at all in proclaiming a love of paper. My justification? Recycle and resell. While I am all for e-books, let’s not let the charming local bookstore on the corner close its doors forever. Let’s do more than hope that Barnes and Noble and Books-a-Million don’t share the fate of Borders. Let’s support our bookstores.