Everyday Kpop Fashion: SNSD “Lion Heart” and “You Think” Inspired Looks

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As any veteran Kpop fan knows, Girls’ Generation is one of the most successful girl groups in the industry. The 8 members of SNSD made a comeback earlier this month with 2 new music videos, both featuring some awesome outfits.


Everyday Jpop Fashion: Sailor Moon Crystal Casual Inspired Looks

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For those who didn’t know, the brand new Sailor Moon reboot Sailor Moon Crystal aired 2 days ago and is available to view free on Hulu. Momoiro Clover Z did a brand new song for the opening entitled “Moon Pride.”

Not only are the lyrics awesome and all about girl-power, but the opening sequence features a brief scene toward the end where the original 5 senshi gather together dressed in civilian clothes.

sm opening outfits sailor moon opening outfits

The outfits are so cute and remind me of the fashions I grew up with in 90’s (when the original anime aired and the manga was written), so I decided to recreate these 5 looks on Polyvore. Usagi’s outfit is up top and the other 4 girls’ are shown below:

Everyday Jpop Fashion: 2NE1’s “Crush” PV Inspired Looks

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2NE1 recently unveiled the music video for the Japanese version of their song “Crush” as part of their promotions for their new Japanese album of the same name. Many Blackjacks have been waiting for a music video for this edgy song since the release of the Korean version in February, and with the Japanese release, we finally have it.

Fashion is almost as big a part of 2NE1’s style as the music and the members and CL, Minzy, Dara, and Bom are rocking some killer fashion in this PV, largely following a black/white color scheme with a splash of red. Below are 5 outfits that let you make the ladies’ looks part of your own wardrobe.

Everyday Kpop Fashion: Girls’ Generation “Mr. Mr.”

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Grab SNSD’s tomboy/gentleman look from their latest song “Mr. Mr.” with these pieces from Forever21, Yesstyle, H&M, and more, each under $50. Be sure to follow the blog for more fashion and Kpop updates including a forthcoming in-depth review of Girls’ Generations’ 2014 comeback “Mr. Mr.”

Everyday Kpop Fashion: 2NE1 live performance “Crush” and “Fire” inspired outfits

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After releasing their new album Crush last week, 2NE1 kicked off their world tour All or Nothing in Seoul, South Korea. Before the actual concert got underway, the Kpop quartet aired footage from their rehearsal stage for their new song “Crush” and their debut song “Fire.”

CL and Bom wore sporty white sweatshirts with black ink. Dara’s beanie and the chain necklaces worn by Minzy, Dara, and Bom inspired this set’s accessories while the sneakers and baseball cap reflect the group’s usual style. All items in this set are available from Forever21. Prices on the shirts range from $14-20 while the accessories are each under $14. Both pairs of shoes sell for $27-30.

Fashion Fridays: Downton Abbey Inspired Look

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I don’t usually do two posts in one day, but since this post relates directly to the previous one, I thought I’d make an exception.

While exploring Polyvore last night, I decided to piece together a board with 1920’s inspired looks, particularly those related to the BBC and PBS’ Masterpiece Classic drama Downton Abbey.

Earlier this month, the fourth season of Downton Abbey made its U.S. debut. The show, whose first season takes place just shy of World War I, is currently set in the early 1920’s. Cultural and social upheaval abound in post-war England and, of course, in Downton Abbey, the fictional home of the Crawleys filmed at the real-life Highclere Castle.

Season 4 shows the changing times in no small part through the characters’ wardrobes. Cousin Rose enjoys dancing and jazz and so is often seen wearing the beaded, sleeveless dresses of time with long necklaces and headbands.


Edith, who is also becoming more fashionable, sports a similar look in the picture below.


A long set of fake pearls is a great way to achieve this look along with a black shell or shirt and accordion skirt. With a basic top, this outfit gives the impression of the pleated skirt and top combination worn by women of the time. With a dressier, beaded top and the right accessories, the outfit resembles the famous flapper dresses of the age.

The difference is, this sort of outfit is both affordable and simple enough to find both online and in stores like Loft. It can be worn with a blazer or cardigan and simple jewelry for a day at the office or dressed up for a night at the jazz club.

Dresses with pleated skirts, such as the green one pictured on the board, achieve the same versatility.

For outerwear, the ladies of Downton sport cloche hats, straw for warmer weather and felt wool for the cold. A classic women’s long coat acts as a timeless winter staple.

Jewelry such as long necklaces, cameos, or dressy drop earrings, a pair of simple black heels or sandals, and a classy clutch complete the look.

Everyday Kpop Fashion: SNSD’s “Chocolate Love”

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While browsing through holiday dresses online, I came across this off-white lace dress for $40 from YesStyle, which reminded me of the lace and ribbon-accented dresses worn by Girls’ Generation in their music video for “Chocolate Love” from back in 2009.

I’ve always loved the blend of lace outfits in this MV, particularly the black and white sets of dresses which always struck me as perfect for tea-time (aided by the use of folding fans in the choreography).

Everyday Jpop Fashion: Juice=Juice’s “Hajimete wo Keiken-chuu”

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In anticipation of Juice=Juice’s second major single, double A-side “Ijiwaru Shinai de Dakishemete yo/Hajimete wo Keiken-chuu” (set for release December 4), promotional music videos for both songs have been uploaded on Juice=Juice’s official youtube channel.

In their “Hajimete wo Keiken-chuu” MV, the girls of Juice=Juice wear a mix of outfits for the group and individual shots. These outfits are each very cute and casual and therefore make for a perfect everyday look.

The song’s main outfits (used for the cover art of the Regular Edition B version of the 2nd single shown above and the Limited D edition below) consist of stripped and checkered sweaters and dresses.


Tomoko and Sayuki’s looks consist of stripped or patterned sweaters with basic skirts and boots. A checkered sweater such as this one or a basic black and white patterned one like this from Forever21 help achieve a similar look for $17-30. Pair with a basic skirt and either black, grey, or colored boots and basic jewelry to complete the outfit.

At one point, the girls have a group shot in which all 5 wear light pink winter outfits which reflect the sweet charm of the song.

pink outfits

The pink outfits are both wintry and feminine, perfect for Valentine’s day or an everyday look. For a casual, but dainty look like Karin and Yuka’s, try something like this mock two-piece dress from Yesstyle.com. The combination of a loose-knit pink sweater with lace dress or skirt underneath creates an everyday look with a touch of feminine charm.

pink outfits 2

For a warmer top like Yuka’s, you can wear a fuzzy sweater such as this such as this coral top from Forever21.

For a slightly dressier style, such as the skirt and sweater combination worn by Tomoko or the dresses worn by Sayuki and Akari, a lace pink dress like this from Yesstyle works for dates, dinner, or any upscale get-together.

sayuki pinkakari pinktomoko pink

Complete this look with a pair of ballet flats or heels, a clutch, and simple, but elegant hair ornaments and jewelry.

Which look is your favorite? How would you style these outfits and where would you wear them? What fashion posts would you like to see in the future? I welcome you to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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