The Biggest Insights from The Force Awakens Novelization

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Novelization

Ever since The Force Awakens hit theaters a few weeks ago, theories have been flying about the new trilogy. People are lining up to see the film twice, three, or even four times looking for hints, Reddit and Tumblr threads grow by the day, and Youtube channel theories abound. Want a source of further insight that’s 100% canon? Check out the novelization of Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Alan Dean Foster. If you’ve seen the film, read the novel, and/or aren’t afraid of spoilers, let’s talk about some of the biggest reveals the novel offers that we didn’t see on screen. I’ve included some pages from the hardback novel for reference. SPOILERS AHEAD! 


“Winter’s Last Breath” by L.E. Ellis

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Originally Published 1-11-2014 on The Bookworm’s Apple by L.E. Ellis. 

Word Count: 999

The glow of the fire reached across the room, straining to bring a touch of warmth to a cold, steel mansion on the arctic planet Chione. The sounds of a tenor saxophone playing “Stardust” echoed from a record player. The chestnut hues of Silvanus wood which ran across the floors and up the towering shelves that lined the walls brought a feeling of warmth and timelessness to the place. The classic interior contrasted with the outside of the post-modern mansion, which resembled a silver starship.

Everyday Kpop Fashion: 2NE1’s “All or Nothing” Inspired Look

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Kpop girl group 2ne1 recently announced the name of their 2014 world tour and album to be “All or Nothing.” Posters promoting the tour/album show Dara, Minzy, CL, and Bom decked out in out-of-this-world outfits with a Star-Wars-inspired set and accessories, lightsabers and all.

2ne1 have been rocking space fashion since their debut in August 2009 with the Space Version MV of their song “Fire.”

The girls wore similarly colorful and creative outfits in their 2010 hit “Can’t Nobody.”

The girls have gone for a sleeker, but no less eye-catching look for All or Nothing. Rather than her signature “palm tree” hair from Lollipop and Fire or the “Vegeta-hair” from I Am the Best, Dara’s hair is fashioned into a combination bun & braid with the plaited hair twisted at the top then tucked neatly to one side. Having switched from blonde back to her natural black hair color, Dara’s hair is understated and elegant allowing her colorful outfit to shine.

Dara’s makeup makes a great transition from her pretty and quiet hairstyle to her bold, fire-y clothes by using a unique, dotted pattern on the eyes with black and jade or mint green eyeshadow complimented by a shimmery purple eyeliner, black mascara, and an orange-pink lipgloss.


Minzy’s electric blue and silver nails match her striking hair color and icy-blue lashes in this promotional picture.

The easiest look to mimic is the galaxy patterned dress worn by CL. A blue cloak over an outer-space print paired with silver boots or sandals creates a retro-but-futuristic flare, something with a bit of a Jetson’s vibe.


Wearing a lightsaber necklace like shown in the Polyvore collection at the top of the article (Etsy, $8) incorporates the sci-fi theme of All or Nothing for an everyday look. Fingerless gloves and a choker add some attitude to the ensemble and complete this 2ne1-inspired outfit.

Which look is your favorite? What are you most looking forward to with All or Nothing? The album? The music videos? The tour? What sort of sound are you hoping to hear this year from 2ne1? Let me know by leaving a comment, follow me on Polyvore and Pinterest for more fashion updates, and thanks for reading!

Fashion Fridays: Steampunk Style

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Imagine your favorite sci-fi movie, such as Star Wars, then place it on the set of Downton Abbey. That’s the gist of steampunk, a sub-genre of science fiction in which most or all technology resembles the steam-powered machines of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, hence the name “steampunk.”

Steampunk stories come in all forms and varieties. They can be set in the distant future where a crisis has caused humans to revert to technologies reminiscent of the early 1900’s, such as seen in elements of the Hunger Games like the fashion or the interior design of the high-speed train, or can be set in an alternate universe, such as with Fullmetal Alchemist. Readers find elements of steampunk in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with the Hogwarts Express. Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series also fits under the steampunk umbrella.

Like many fans of steampunk, I’ve always been drawn to the technologies, culture, and fashions of the early 20th century. Not a single episode of Downton Abbey goes by in which I don’t say “Where do they get their clothes and where can I buy them?!” Couple that with my love of science fiction and fantasy and it’s plain to see why steampunk has become one of my favorite genres.

But dressing steampunk is another matter. Many outfits are either too eccentric or too expensive to wear in the day-to-day, which is why I created this board with cute, casual, and affordable options for incorporating elements of the Gilded Age in one’s wardrobe.

The pocket-watch/locket necklace featured comes from Hot Topic and costs $10-11. The gears ring also comes from Hot Topic and costs $6.50 online. The gears earrings and the scissor bracelet can be found on Modcloth and cost around $15 each.

The stripped dress and black boots also come from Modcloth and cost about $50 each. The coat comes from and costs just under $30.

What do you think of steampunk style? What looks would you like to see for next week’s Fashion Friday? Let me know by leaving a comment. For more looks and designs, you can follow on both Pinterest and Polyvore.

Until next week, thanks for reading and have a happy Friday!